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Cute Fish Clean Up


Cute Fish Clean Up is a new game in Cute Fish game series for girls with new fish characters and super fun playtime activities! Meet your new best friend Cute Fish, help her clean up the house and play girls all time favorite games! Have fun in different rooms or play in the ocean. Enjoy your favorite activities: clean up the bedroom and playroom, do laundry, create your own toy room, play memory game, decorate the front yard or slice and eat yummy cake with Cute Fish friends!
Game features
BedroomFriends are coming over, it's time to clean up the mess in the room! Put things in their places, remove spiderwebs and vacuum the carpet. Cute fish will be very happy that you help her!
PlayroomHelp clean up the mess after the guests' visit. Tidy up, put toys to the correct places and decorate the room how you want!
Memory GameMemory has been an all-time favorite game for many generations. It is easy to play, in fact, it is so simple that very young children and toddlers can play it too! Try to match different fish and learn about them while having fun!
Toy ShopReward yourself after cleaning up the house: choose from kids favorite toys and create your own room of fascinating toys to play with!
Big WashLearn how to do laundry and take care of dirty clothes. Load up the washing machine, hang out to dry and do the ironing! But be careful – the iron is hot!
Cake NinjaCatch and slice the cake for Cute Fish and her friends, like a real ninja!
Friends Eat CakeBe the perfect host and learn how to have guests. Let them taste delicious tea and cut a slice of yummy cake for each of them. Show your best tea party manners and learn to share with others!
Front YardBuild a dream house for Cute Fish: decorate and choose the best style for her home!
StickersEach time you complete a level, you will get a special prize - a fish or a shellfish! Collect them all and make a collage of your rewards on your sticker book!
MoviesWatch movies and get 200 coins!
Discover the magical underwater world and the amazing marine life with a super Cute Fish. Have fun and play kids' favorite games!